Tie dyed!

Did my own tie dye! Worked out pretty well! Shane about my tiedyed hand though..

What a corker!

Finally completed my cork board! Took me about 1 ad a half months to collect them corks! Unfortunately I did not do the drinking..

Crafting continues..

I am so pleased with this! It used to have old red leather on it but I tore it off and replaced it with pink fabric off cuts from the curtains I altered! Next I'm going to get some pastel green fringing to hide the studs!

Current project

Latest find! Nick comes home with a swanky radiator cover! I don't like ether of the test colours .. May go for a standard French paint to class up my front room..?

New book

I'm trying not to open it before my travels but I'm struggling with the urge

Grandads stamp collection

Call me a loser, but stamps are cool. I opened my Grandads old tobacco tin to reveal hundreds of tightly packed stamps. I wanted to put them in a nice binder to display them, and sorting through them I found some seriously cool stuff..

Porcelain tutor

Kitty's making sure I do my sums right