Garden force

Going to fill my new back garden with moroccan lanterns

Lots of potted plants

Extra Candles

And pretty fabrics and cushions and things..

And finally, my mums cutting me a piece from her rose plant so i get to grow it into a rose forest!

Chinese antiques

Ventured into the antique shops around town today and can't stop thinking about the amazing Chinese vases and dragons and Buddhas! Sneakily took some pictures and told him I'd be back to buy them for my new house!


So, my boyfriend and i are moving into a new house together. our tastes clash. He hates my beautiful metal bed the creeks. i hate his rubbish, unimaginative divan card board box bed. I decided to meet him half way, and agreed that we will have his box on the condition that we have my mattress (incredible) and i get to choose/make a headboard for it. Ive been researching online for all the approaches i could take for this situation..

Big, mental, mirror/upholstered statement headboard type thing.. (huge no)

Chesterfield-esque leather...

Dangly canopy pom pom...

Not really sure what this is? Hanging roof/chandelier/damask oval headboard...

Pretty velvet and french painted antique wood beautiful headboard i wish i could have...

Statement fabric draw-attention-away-from-my-crap-bed headboard..?

Antlers or display-of-a-dead-animals-head-to-distract-attention-from-my-crap-bed..?

Lots of pictures and dead wolf cushions instead of a headboard...

Big fan of this room divider style head board...

I like the idea of a big feather fan above my head board? preferable no a fan with forks and nails like this one..?

Big statement colour headboard to blind you so you don't see the fact that i have a crap bed..?

All very good contributions to my decision on improving my bed!

Treasure hunting!

Only went and got these bloody beauties from the shakespeare hospice! £10 and £7 !



love the intimacy of the candle light against the plates

Mapped out

beautiful compilation of maps displayed on the walls


Huge fan of the colours and patterns in these spaces.