Today is a good day!

My scrunchie arrived in the post.

Cushion splurge

May have got a bit excited and spent £60 on a cushion...
It is however, a very splendid cushion.

Hand of Fatima

A good friend of mine brought this back from a trip to morocco for me!

Vintage babes

Bought a cool card today. Might add it to my wall frame collage..

My new book on Moroccan interiors came..

I love lists

Shopping list:

-large gold glitter nail varnish
-scrunchie (tartan, denim, stripes?)
-DIY spike studs. to customise more of my wardrobe/shoes/life
-iphone case

no inspiration on the iphone case as of yet. bit of a touchy subject, as my hand is in a bandage which led me to drop the phone on the floor, causing it to smash. my insurance doesn't cover smashed screens.
very awkward.

Theres just one thing..

This song came on Touch FM the other day and ever since i have not been able to get it out of my head..
Who's that girl? Running around with youu..
Such a good song!


Today as I was sorting my wardrobe, picking which items I wanted to keep, and which I wanted to eBay, I realised that I'd wear half of them if I just adjusted them. So I got the scissors and bleach out. The final result is very successful!

Hello new wardrobe..

Spectacular spaces!

I've gone a bit blog-maniac, but its only because my favourite online magazine has come out and is, as always, jam packed with everything fabulous.

Here is two spaces in particular that i fell in love with..

Beautiful spaces

Stairway to style

Pattern perfect

All from urban outfitters!

Patterns in Marrakech

Beautiful patterns sprawled all over Marrakech. Hopefully ill be able to go and visit them at some point this year!

New stuff.

Went to the bullring today and spent alot of my moving-to-London money. Oops.


Whilst on my travels round south east Asia, I purchased these wonders.. My travel pants and rings set are most commonly used..

Witchcraft and wizardry

Took a few pictures when I went to Warner brothers Harry potter studios last week.. So magical!