Course inspiration

My current assignment is asking me to furnish a house i have designed in previous assignments.
Currently browsing the web to find some inspiration as i have come to realise, starting from scratch is harder than i thought!
Found a few cool, contemporary looks on .. my favorite magazine!
Heres a few spaces ill be stealing ideas from..

Love this! Window shutters on the inside, beamed ceilings, wooden paneled walls. Crisp white and black paint job.

Neutral wall colour, distressed antique french painted louvered window blinds, deep mahogany varnished wooden floorboards.

Bold, statement, black matte walls, creamy soft furnishings.. and is that brown window trimmings?!

Mirrored flooring? Tile details up steps. Black and white contrast.

Duck egg ceiling, cream walls, lighter trimmings. wood panel ceiling.

for the wainscoting and beamed ceiling detail.

& thats all the researching i can manage for now!

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