Saved by the bell

Is this for real? Kelly Kapowski? I need to have this in my possession ASAP

Orrrr.. i may have to go about making my own even better one...



On the look out for some crazy, mental leggings.

Just wow.

£4 well spent!

Got me a new backpack from the charity shop today, £4. Great buy!

notion of being so small...

Colour Scheme research

Looking for colour schemes to inspire me on my current project.
Heres a few i liked..

what even is this? i would never have though to put all of these things together..

love love love this but cant work out what it is that i love..

love how dramatic the black wall is.
everything is so dark, but it all remains spacious.
love the little chair/sofa

using this harmonious colour scheme in on of my project rooms!
awkward peacock.

(all photos from


Badger beetles

I once worked with a guy who had a fascination with badgers, he said they were the gangsters of the wildlife. I think that's why I get excited when I see them now. I love this cushion, but I'd hate it if it was any other animal...

These plates are also cool but I'm not sure I'd like to see w beetle on my plate whilst eating cake?

Pattern perfect

Developing an unhealthy for a good pattern design. If I had it my way I'd be sporting several of these in the worm of cushions, blankets and curtains in my bedroom and they certainly wouldn't go together...

Future home

Here's a few pictures I actually stopped to read about.. Love the simplicity of the books with silver ornaments combo. The way that the kitchen appliances hang above the breakfast bar. The colour scheme with the cherry blossom wall art. The round stool on the middle of the bathroom. Other two dramatic huge doors symmetrically sat in the living room.

Au natural

Went and bought myself a load of house and garden magazines today to inspire me with my next assignment. Now I feel compelled to redecorate the entire world! Love this natural theme at the moment. Kind of the look I was going for with my parents new kitchen. And I love the buoys, they make me feel like in in Cornwall on a childhood holiday all over again..

The mother huff

Went to the huff cap for a meal, love their interiors, they have dog wallpaper and the dogs are a felty material. A books lamp, and crushes velvet curtains!

Nicks wall collage

Antiques centre

Took some pics of a few of the wonderful treasures nick and I discovered in the antiques shop in long marston. Can't wait to get my own house and fill it with wonders like these!