And so, tomorrow i fly to Barcelona where i will be keeping myself busy for the next 5 days!
Things we plan to do / see :

 Barcelona vs Betis match at the ginormous Barcelona stadium. never been to a football match before so this is my first; When i go, i go big! and judging by the amount we've spent on the tickets, we've gone all out! (this has also resulted in us having absolutely no money to spend on other necessities like food and alcohol)

Sagrada Familia where construction had started in 1882 and is still currently being constructed! The estimated date of completion is 2020. And just in photos it looks amazing. 

Eixample and other Gaudi hotspots...

Zoo De Barcelona

The magic fountain

CosmoCaixa - The science museum

The Picasso Museum and so much more..

i plan to take my camera with my so will take my own snaps which will undoubtedly be even better than the ones ive uploaded! .. kind of.

..anyway, im off for a fantasic holiday! 

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