Stuff i saw which i like...


Looking at these images, i would have never thought to put these patterns together. persian rugs with bold geometric stripes? They do work really well.


Au natural

Love having indoors overwhelmed with outdoors.


Dark Surroundings

Im definitely a huge fan of black walls and furnishings.

I really like these wall coverings; id much prefer them in an understated surrounding though.

Really enjoy these colour schemes

This looks really intimate and cosy. dusty pastels and antique murals. Love the dominating curtains also.

This space has been made contemporary with its colour scheme. I love the mustard bed covering.

Pussy Pumps (clean)

These are the most incredible things iv ever seen in my entire life! My aim is to find out where they're from and buy them in time for halloween. I'm going to be a cat. these can be my kittens, Donatello and Raphael.

My screen sums it up;

Boy and wanderlust

Vogue inspirations

All I want to have is..
-a pretty cocktail dress
-cigarette trousers


Latest issue of Lonny magazine is out.. these are my favourite pieces!
i much prefer the issues full of morocco and india.

Thailand 2011

Sifting through all my traveling photos...

such good memories, can't wait to make more...

Hand of fatima

Getting this tattoo'd on my body next month! I've wanted it for so long so I'm really, really excited. 

Ill probably have to take it off my blog then or ill look a bit obsessed... awkward.


A friend of mine got a friend of mine an incredible cat lamp for her birthday.

I want a turban

These are a bit eccentric, but there's no doubt we look really cool in them.

Made cushion #2

Using the same fabric left from the off cuts of my incredible curtains I made a matching cushion, it's even got little tassels! Not the best handy work but it looks pretty impressive for me!

Made cushion #1

Salmon pink with Pom-poms

Porcelain cat

Saw this at the antiques shop and didn't buy it. Now I can't stop thinking about it.. Why?!