Should have asked Santa.

I need a camera so that all my pictures aren't iPhoney and blurred.



Having received a frame and vogue posters for Christmas, I got straight to adding them to the progressing wall frame collage! However I'm really bad at DIY by the looks of it..

Christmas presents..

A jewelry stand, vogue, lady gaga, and interiors books, frame from other half with our awful visa photos in and travel documents!


Just bought these as a late Xmas present to myself!

New shooz

Unfortunately they are too excruciatingly painful to wear So I'm sending them back!


Bloggin with my pals!

DIY tuesdays

Tonight i have sewn a pocket onto my jumper in an attempt to hide the unsightly logo. Here we have the finnished piece; a fully functioning (pen has been added to prove the extent of my pockets functions), not quite matching, poorly sewn pocket. i used the off cuts from the ribbon previously used to decorate nicks stocking. practical!

Wall collage

The beginning of the picture frame collage above my fireplace. Yet to find a frame which fits my propaganda poster! The others I drew myself; top left is my recently deceased cat, phil. He was amazing!

Wall collage to be continued...


Here is a propaganda poster I bought on hoi an, Vietnam. Alot of them were pro communism. I liked the look of this one, but now I'm wishing I'd bought more!

Frankfurter weihnachtsmarkt!

Two visits to get in the spirit, with mini baileys and nutella pancakes, mulled wine with a shot of rum, and hotdogs with gherkins! (eww gherkins)

DIY Xmas stocking

For Christmas me and my boyfriend bought eachother stockings from the frankfurter weihnachtsmarkt in Birmingham. We're filling it with presents for Xmas day, I decided to add tartan ribbon decorations! Very pleased with the outcome!! Ps the kitten is not part of the decoration. He's just naughty.


Another book id like to add to the collection this christmas, Lady Gaga and Terry Richardsons photography.

Developed a massive love for this woman lately she is amazing.